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Arkansas Aggregates provides construction and infrastructure materials that are required to meet the demands of today's contractors. We are a major producer of construction aggregates in this area, and we produce and ship over 2 million tons annually of various aggregates materials to meet your production needs. .

Arkansas Aggregates takes pride in being the source of quality materials, with unmatched service for contractors and municipalities throughout this region. We have produced and supplied materials for projects in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and the Gulf Coast region, transporting our products via truck, rail, and barge.

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Our Little Rock quarry mines, produces, and supplies aggregate materials from a major out cropping of the mineral known as Nepheline Syenite. This is a hard gray colored rock formation with visible characteristics of Granite and is the predominant material used in the region.


Type-1 Type-2 Type-3 Type-4
Percent Passing
3/8 100 100 100 100
#4 100 99.2 99.2 99.6
#10 100 98.9 98.3 98.4
#40 100 80.6 36 4.1
#200 100 21.8 17.1 0.9

Granufill is a manufactured granular material that is a by-product of crushing rock to produce roofing granules. The durability of the rock combined with the angular characteristics of the crushed material makes Granufill an excellent choice for Select Fill for construction projects and for use in mix designs.

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  • The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) operates under the authority of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977. MSHA was created to help reduce fatalities, injuries and illnesses in the nation's mines through a variety of activities, including on-site mine safety and health inspections. MSHA inspectors are required by law to inspect every surface mine in the nation at least two times per year and every underground mine must be inspected four times per year. Arkansas Aggregates is a MSHA compliance company. Any individual must have the culture and mindset that safety will always be first at Arkansas Aggregates. We as a company have a goal of zero lost time accidents, continuous improvement toward safety, to meet every standard to keep workers safe, and to send all of our workers home safe every day. Remember safety is a way of life not just something that gets done one time!
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